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Notice to Metis Musicians – The Second Wave for

The Metis Nation of Ontario is pleased to announce the second wave of development for Metis Nation Radio ( Where the first wave was creating a radio signal on the Internet for all users (be it phone line or cable connections), the second wave is to expand the amount of radio streams from one to many.

What does all this really mean?

1. We need more artists in our Library

We currently have a collection of just over 100 Metis artists in our music library. We know there are more out there and we need your submissions. Here’s what you get when you submit:

a) We add all of your music to the Pemmican Mix, which is our "everything we got" all mixed together in a continuous stream, or Internet radio signal.

b) We add your music, depending on what category it may be, to either the "Traditional Music" stream (think Fiddle music) or "Contemporary Music" stream (country, blues, rock, etc.).

c) We will build a web page within the Metis Nation Radio website dedicated to your music. Within your page you will have your own continuous radio streaming loop for only your music, we’ll list all of your CD’s, a short bio on yourself, with links to your own website or contact information. As well, if you so desire, we will sell your CD’s on-line.

d) We may feature your music on a co-produced show with Aboriginal Voices Radio (106.5 FM in Toronto with pending signal expansion across Canada, or live on the web via This show, "The Metis Show," is broadcast live on AVR’s signals each Tuesday from 11 AM to Noon and re-broadcast on the weekends. As well, each show is then re-broadcast on the Metis Nation Radio Internet Stream ( along with an archive of all past shows. What this could mean is, submitting your music will result with a play on AVR and perhaps an on-air interview or performance (via the phone or live in-studio in Toronto).

In short, by adding your music to our Metis Nation Radio Library you are getting a tremendous opportunity both on the Internet and on the AVR radio signal to promote and showcase your music.

Please note:

- When your music is streamed on our Internet signal it cannot be downloaded, and therefore it is protected. Thus, your music is not able to be "stolen" in any way.

- When you music is played on AVR it is added to their radio logs and therefore, if you are registered with SOCAN, your songs will be logged with them.


If you have news, announcements, stories, or people we HAVE to expose to the Metis and non-Metis world at large, this is your chance to get it out on our radio waves. Your news items will be included in the live radio show on AVR and/or the Metis Nation Radio stream on-line.

For More information please contact:

Kyle Burton


25 Dorval Rd., #3

Toronto, ON, M6P 2B5

P: 416-516-3534