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Metis Nation of Greater Victoria

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Metis Nation of Greater Victoria

Representing the Métis of the Capital Regional District


1.Complete and Sign Form.

2. Provide 2 passport or photo booth photos, in either black/white or color, and no larger than 3 cm x 3cm.

3. An application fee of $15 is required with each application. Mail a $15 cheque payable to Metis Nation of Greater Victoria , Studio 4 2716 Rock Bay Avenue, Victoria BC  V8T 4R9  . The cheque will only be cashed after the acceptance process is completed. Any NSF Cheques you will be responsible for paying an additional $30 fee before a citizenship card is approved. Applicants who are declined citizenship will be contacted and their cheque will be returned in the mail.And we would be pleased to assist with a list of other organizations.

4. Provide sufficient genealogical information in order to an adequate search to be completed for verification. Prior to the 1901 Census.

5. Mail application, cheque, and pictures to: Metis Nation of Greater Victoria, #101 3025 Shakespeare St., Victoria B.C. V8R 4H6.

6. Allow 8 - 12 weeks to receive confirmation and to arrange for a date to sign and pick up your card at the community meetings.

7. Before you receive a citizenship card from Metis Nation of Greater Victoria you must relinquish membership from any other Metis card or any other recognized Metis Provincial Council or Metis National Council local.

8.Must be a British Columbia resident for at least 6 months before becoming eligible for full citizenship.  Must be a member in good standing for three months prior to be eligible for voting rights. Metis Nation of Greater Victoria determines the guidelines for a citizen in good standing.

Metis Nation of Greater Victoria  Defines Metis as follows

Metis means a person who self-identifies as Metis, is of historic Metis Nation Ancestry, is distinct from other Aboriginal Peoples and is accepted by the Metis Nation.

Defined Terms In The Metis Nation of Greater Victoria Definition of Metis

WHEREAS within the definition there are defined terms;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Metis Nation adopts the following terms for its national definition of Metis;

Historic Metis Nation means the Aboriginal people then known as the Metis or Half- Breeds who resided in the Historic Metis Nation Homeland;

Historic Metis Nation Homeland means the area of land in west central North America used and occupied as the traditional territory of the Metis or Half-Breeds as they were then known;

Metis Nation means the Aboriginal people descended from the Historic Metis Nation, which is now comprised of all Metis Nation citizens and is one of the aboriginal peoples of Canada s.35 of the Constitution Act of 1982;Distinct from other Aboriginal Peoples means distinct for cultural and nationhood purposes.



LAST NAME                                          FIRST                                     MIDDLE            


CITY                                                       PROVINCE                           POSTAL CODE                    

TELEPHONE                                          WORK                                  


DATE OF BIRTH:(MONTH)                                  (DAY)                                     (YEAR)                                                  

PLACE OF BIRTH                                                                                

HEIGHT                                                  WEIGHT                                 EYR COLOR                 SEX                        


1.                                                                                             2.                                            

3.                                                                                             4.                                            

Do you have Status under the Indian Act? __________ I do hereby agree to relinquish any other métis card, and from any other recognized local with MPCBC-MNC (Metis Provincial Council of British Columbia- Metis National Council).

I________________________, authorize the Metis Nation of Greater Victoria to pass my application form and submitted genealogical information to Stanley S. Hulme or another Family Researcher for related genealogical research and validation purposes. I accept that my name and those of my ancestors may be used on the internet, if necessary to further the research into my ancestry. I also accept that my actual date of birth and those of any living relatives will not be used.




I___________________________________ of  _____________________________

Print name in full. In the province of British Columbia, DO HEREBY DECLARE that I am of Metis ancestry and that I identify myself as a Metis person in accordance with the MNC definition of September 27, 2002.


Signature                                   Date

_________________________________________          ________________________________________

Signature of Witness                                                                                Name of Witness    


Metis Nation of Greater Victoria , Studio 4 2716 Rock Bay Avenue, Victoria BC  V8T 4R9                  tel:250-592-5512 


website: http.//    




Metis Nation of Greater Victoria

Essential requirements for genealogical research to begin (taken, in part, from those identified by the Metis Resource Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba):

  1. Your family history information must date back to 1901, preferably earlier if possible.
  2. Priority will be given to those families that lived in the Assiniboine, Red River and Saskatchewan Valleys and/or those that were eligible for scrip. Research into other families will be conducted as expeditiously as possible but resources are somewhat limited and may take longer and there is no guarantee of results.
  3. For research to begin you must submit your full name and the full given names of your:

               a. Parents (both if known)

               b. Grandparents (both your mothers and fathers)

               c. Great grandparents (as many as are known)

              d. If you can provide additional generations please do so along with any siblings of your ancestors. Many references may only identify a few children to a couple and the more names that are known the easier the task becomes.

    4.  As many of the following as possible for those listed above:

              a. Birth - when and where (birth certificates)

              b. Marriage - when and where (marriage certificate)

              c. Death - when and where (death certificate, obituary)

   5.  Any other information that you might think be relevant or assist with your family research.

Resources available for Metis genealogical research:

  1. Federal government census records up to 1901 - these are normally searchable by census district and then subdistrict, the names are not in alphabetical order. To use these records it is important to know the place of residence of your ancestor at the time of the census. It is also very useful to know the names of any siblings of your ancestor to isolate the family being researched. The web site for the 1901 Census is
  2. Scrip applications - these are available from the National Archives (NA) in Ottawa. Summaries of each application are available from the NA Web Site and can be accessed from the home computer. The NA database is searchable by surname, full name of the individual or place of residence or birth. The results can easily be downloaded to the home computer. The web site is
  3. Church and parish records.
  4. Voyageur contracts, service records, biographies and document available from the Hudsons Bay Archives in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Some of these are on microfilm and can be obtained through inter-library loan. The HBC Archives is at
  5. National and Provincial Archives for birth, marriage and death records etc. The BC Archives is at
  6. Public libraries for books on the fur trade and early western settlement, eg: the Dictionary of Canadian Biography (15 volumes) and books published by the Hudsons Bay Record Society.
  7. The Internet provides virtually unlimited resources to both the experienced and novice researcher. Enormous databases have been developed and are available, some at a cost, as well as many "lists." A useful engine is at




  A genealogy chart displaying connections to your Metis ancestry must accompany your application form. We would be happy to send you a copy of our genealogy chart. You can also view a sample chart at