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Metis Nation of Greater Victoria

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Regional Employment & Training Committee


The development and delivery of training for Metis
people by Metis people is an integral part of our
inherent right of self-determination.
The Metis people in the region are vital partners
in planning and decision making for programs and services.
This is the basis for developing community driven
client based training programs and services.


Individual Training Intervention{ITI}
Purchases appropriate training from recognized institutions
and organizations. These may be short or long term programs
directly linked to enhancing the client's
employment marketability.

Targeted Wage Subsidy {TWS}
Provides training and work experience that can lead
to long-term employment and to encourage employers
to hire and provide on-the-job experience.

Self-Employment Assistance {SEA}
Provides the skills and support necessary to develop
a business plan, start a small business and
sustain the activity or improve training for an existing enterprise.

The Regional Employment & Training Application is available, please contact our regional office for forms and details.
Program Manager: Trish Parent
Administrative Assistant: Jerri Briggs
#2-5855 York Road
Duncan, BC
Phone: (250)746-6271
Fax:(250) 746-5856
Toll Free 1-888-632-9450