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I'd Like To Thank You All for Coming Out to Vote
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My goal is to represent the Metis Communities of Vancouver Island with Integrity and Respect,conveying their true message and ensuring their voice is heard.

I was born and raised on the west coast in a small logging community. I have four brothers and a sister. My wife Debra and I have been married 13 years and have a beautiful daughter (who is an incredibly proud Métis). Our family roots go back to Duck Lake who are still an active part of the community there today. My grandmother was born in Duck Lake and my Great Grandmother was born on the day the resistance started while her father was at Batoche. My ancestors played an active role in the community to maintain the values and rights of what they believed in back then and I intent to do the same today with integrity and the support of you today.


My story is similar to many other people I've talked to. I didn't truly understand my heritage until my 20's. Growing up we learned and ate certain foods. Hunted and loved the outdoors. We would travel back home to Sask. to visit my Grandma and cousins during the summer months. It was hot!! .


My father taught me to earn a days pay honestly, stand for what I believe in and help those who can not, My mother to respect your Elders and yourself, stick to what you believe in and be humble enough to change when you should.


Finding my roots was an overwhelming, enriching experience that changed me as a man a father and a husband. I care deeply about our Métis Community and preserving my heritage for my family and future generations.



I believe that a good ear and effective communication makes for a successful leader. In my private and professional life I have had much success in gaining the confidence of those that live and work with me. I am unbiased and even if I do not share the same opinions and beliefs as another I feel everyone deserves the right to be heard. With all ideas and opinions on the table we as a Nation can make informed decisions about the issues that matter most to our families and our communities.


I strongly believe in honesty and accountability and demonstrate these in my career. Prior to my current employment I had a business partnership for almost 8 years with a staff of 15. With the birth of our daughter my priorities changed. Instead of working long hours I wanted to be home with her more and secured a position with the municipal government. I have been a supervisor now for 7 years. I'm responsible for a budget close to a million dollars annually. I must do this with accountability and efficiency.


I have demonstrated the ability to be organized, energetic and am respected and trusted by my superiors as well as my co-workers.


I have decided to run for the position of Regional Director for Vancouver Island because I want to ensure the rights of the Métis on the Island are respected. I feel that because of my experience as past president of Cascadia for almost 2 years I have grown in my understanding of the politics and challenges faced by the diversity of each local. I've volunteered at events for the Métis on various levels. I understand the issues relating to the Child & Families and I will continue to work for everyone at a regional level. I have the drive and the necessary professional and personal skills to do this job well and I would love to serve you all as your Vancouver Island Representative with integrity and honour.

I'm letting my name stand because I love being involved in my metis heritage. I am a proud Métis person and my daughter looks up to me for many reasons surrounding our metis community work. Her pride in who we are also drives me to continue to involve myself on deeper level. I wish to work hard for the rights of all of you and would feel blessed if you would allow me to do so.


If you want to know more about me, please take the time to ask me in person or on the phone (250) 595-3509.Or by e-mail I'd be more than willing to talk to you and discuss your community's needs. I hope you will find all the information you need to make an informed decision.





Norm Doerksen




 3102 Yew St Victoria, BC V8X-1MB
(250) 595-3509