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I'd Like To Thank You All for Coming Out to Vote


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I will work for the Metis with honor and respecting the needs of each Community.



Maintaining values and treating others with respect and dignity is of utmost importance to me.


Effective Accountability is a must, financially and ethically.


The family is the backbone of our Community and as Métis we must support their health and growth


I will work on your behalf, bring forward your issues and move forward your community's voice.


Stopping and taking the time to listen to The Elders, The Woman, The Youth, and the rest of the Community on how they want to deal with issues unique to the Communities needs is a must.


The Youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Lets ensure their rights and their goals and dreams can come true by continuing to develop Cultural Appropriate Programs for the Youth.


Honour and respect the Women who are the keystone to the family and leaders in the community.


We all have an obligation to learn and pass down our Culture and Traditions as Métis People to ensure it is there for generations to come. I will do my best to do my part with integrity and respect.  A picture says a thousand words.



I remember the values taught to me as a child by my parents and grandparents. I understand and experienced the meaning of right from wrong.


I believe in standing up and doing what is right! That why I am letting my name stand for the Métis of Vancouver Island as your Regional Director. April 17


Please Vote Norm Doerksen


Vancouver Island

Regional Director


 Norm Doerksen Regional Director Vancouver Island
(250) 595-3509